Hi, I’m Tom Dell’Aringa, a lifelong comics, art and story lover. I’ve worked as a professional artist of some sort for 25 years – as a graphic designer, a web designer and developer, and a user interface and user experience designer.

Comics have always been very special to me. I can remember be very young and learning to read, sitting on the couch with my mom reading “Snoopy and the Red Baron” out loud to her. I kept saying “world war eye” instead of “world war one.” It was written “World War I” and I didn’t quite understand Roman numerals yet. But comics made me want to read.

From that point forward, I read comics whenever I could. In elementary school, every time the opportunity came to order books from the Scholastic Book Clubs, I would order Peanuts books – and any other comics that looked good.I always read the comics in the newspaper. And as I grew older, I found superhero comics, and the indie comics like Groo, Bone and Cerebus the Aardvark. There’s something about the combination of a good story and wonderful visuals that’s just magic.

When I was young, I drew all the time, and when I ran out of paper, I would draw inside the fronts of book covers (this didn’t go over too well). But the visual imagery of comics is only half of the equation. I also fell in love with stories. I really loved watching things like Dr. Who, Thunderbirds, Land of the Lost, Captain Harlock, Star Blazers, Speed Racer – any kind of serialized story.

I’ve been publishing comics online for over 5 years. I’m best known for my long running humor/sci-fi comic “Marooned – A Space Opera in the Wrong Key!” which was successfully Kickstarted in the Fall of 2013 and raised over $13,000 – 252% of my goal. I’ve also published many of my other short stories at my comics website Pixelmech Comics. Rock and Tin is my latest online venture in comics. I hope you’ll continue to read and share my comic with others if you like it. Thanks!