Nov 7Welcome to Rock and Tin
Nov 7A Week Away
Nov 8What Could That Be?
Nov 11It can’t be.
Nov 12A Reclamator!?
Nov 14Going to Have to Risk it.
Nov 28Oh, no!


Jan 13Please Don’t!
Jan 13Black Hole
Jan 15Glyph
Jan 17Real
Jan 18Friend
Jan 23Going
Jan 23Views
Jan 29Named
Feb 4Mining
Feb 7Hill
Feb 10Jeepers
Feb 12Kingdoms
Feb 19What Was I?
Feb 26Family
Mar 5Caverns Cold
Mar 7We’re Doomed
Mar 12You Not
Mar 19Oil Eaters
Mar 19Gear Tossers
Mar 26Directions
Apr 2Me, Too
Apr 9Windy Peaks
Apr 14I Thought I Was Confused
Apr 16Brothers
Apr 21Warehouses
Apr 24In the Ruins
Apr 28Chamber of Kenniga
Apr 30Real
May 5Fully Capable
May 12Worthwhile
May 14Searching
May 19You’ve Ruined Us
May 21It wasn’t over
May 27He who has friends
May 28Mortal Danger
Jun 2Rustboard
Jun 5Can’t you see?
Jun 9Arrogant Risk
Jun 11I’m Not
Jun 16Worse
Jun 18The Stink of Magic
Jun 23Chased
Jun 30The Dark Construct
Jul 7Constance
Jul 14Fwoosh
Jul 17Chip
Jul 28She’s Gone
Aug 4Overgrown Battery
Aug 6Let’s Give it To Him
Aug 11I can help
Aug 18Don’t forget who you are
Aug 25Split Decisions
Sep 15The Search Begins
Sep 17Finding the Path
Sep 18Cut off at the pass
Sep 22Eron
Sep 24I Am Not
Sep 29What you are
Oct 1I spy
Oct 6Bring him
Oct 20You were right
Oct 27Have it
Nov 6Here’s the plan
Nov 18Rockheart
Dec 1Too late


Feb 9Fulfilled
Feb 16Go, and Suffer
Feb 23Walk
Feb 24Lonely Shore
Mar 2Wading
Mar 9Josh
Mar 16Go Away
Mar 23Heading Out?
Mar 30They Consumed Me
Apr 6Choice is Freedom
Apr 13At the Platform
Apr 20The Jaws of Death are Full
Apr 27One Last Chance
May 4Point of No Return
May 11Did you bring your friends?
May 18The Birds
May 26It’s my fault
Jun 1Chakka Chakka Chik!
Jun 7You Not
Jun 14Truly Free
Jul 5The Chip
Jul 12The Diminishing of True Self
Jul 19Stab!
Jul 22Don’t go Dark
Jul 23No Power!
Jul 24I’ll be your power
Jul 27Me Sorry
Jul 28Krunch!
Jul 29Promises
Jul 30We All
Jul 31Finally
Aug 3The End.