Rock and Tin is my new project, the follow up to my 5-year Marooned story. In some ways it’s an experimental project. I have not worked out detailed story or plot maps, done extensive sketches and designs for characters or any of that. Frankly, I wanted to something that I could write and draw in a timetable that would allow me to get the story out while still having it look good. So I chose a black and white, simple style that I have come to enjoy.

The world of Rock and Tin is actually not new to me. This is actually a prologue story to a larger, bigger idea called Beam City that I have talked about in the past. Someday I hope to publish that graphic novel, but in the meantime, I’ll be making this story and publishing it online. I’ll be posting pages whenever I get them done, with no set schedule. Having said that, the plan is to post as often as possible.

Please do let me know what you think as the story unfolds. Comics are a lot more fun when we enjoy the story together.