This ends the first chapter of Rock & Tin. I hope you are enjoying it! I have a few pieces of info to pass along.

First, I’ll be appearing at Dan Con 2014 on Sunday, March 23rd. If you are in the Chicago area, come by and see me! I’ll have some cool stuff with me and will be doing robot sketches. I will have the last of the Marooned graphic novels, the bonus Spare Parts book, patches, bookmarks, buttons, postcards, prints and more. AND I will have the first floppy printed comic of Rock & Tin! Here’s the cover:


The floppy contains 4 pages of bonus material, including a background on the world of Beam City, where Rock & Tin takes place. Patreon supporters at the $10 level get a free digital version of the comic, and $15 patrons get the book sent to them free. I’ve been posting a LOT of extra material at the Patreon page, and will continue to do so. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please head over to my Patreon page and have a look. I’ll be posting the digital version of the floppy there today.

For the show, I should have a map of the tables and my seating position in a week or two.

Lastly, today I got my first piece of R&T fan art! Reader Chad (who has his own comic, Handicape) did this excellent rendering of MechMagus – thanks, Chad!


Right now I am working on the next scene. I’m hoping to still hit my Wednesday posting deadline. See you then!