Last week I posted some info about the book, I’m re-posting it here if you missed the blog. I’ve got more info since then. The book will be 168 pages long. I have a couple more details to iron out this week (including making the video for the IndieGoGo campaign) and then I will be ready to launch. Details below.


  • The cover is mostly complete. You can see the full wrap cover, above. (click to see larger).
  • The book will be 168 pages long.
    • The beginning includes credits and the bookplate, which has the book number stamped on it and my signature. If you order an Artist Edition, it will have an inked drawing there of either Peto or MechMagus.
    • The story begins with “The Lonely Ones” prose with illustrations by myself and some other artists. (This content will never be posted online – you can only get it in the book.)
    • There’s a full page spread of art. (and a very cool one at that).
    • The comics portion of the story, which you are currently reading online for free.
    • A “Behind the Page” section with process talk, development artwork and more.
    • The bonus comic “The Messenger,” another robot story I created a couple years ago, with some updated art and story.
  • As mentioned, I will be using IndieGoGo as a “preorder” vehicle, and to raise money for the printing. The book is pretty much ready to go (waiting on some reviews, and I have a couple art things to tie up). It will take about 30 days or so to get printed.
  • I’m creating a sticker that will be included in all book orders. It’s the old robot skull and cross-wrenches image with the “be safe” mantra used by the robots as a warning to hide from the reclamators. See image below.
  • There will be just a couple special perks to get in the campaign, basically pieces of original art, and some early bird options to get your book first.
  • There’s about 20 weeks left of pages to post here, but the goal is to get the book printed before it completes here online.

It’s exciting to see it all come together, and I hope you are excited to get it in your hands. Here’s a few more images for you.

Inside front cover. Original art will be a perk.



Sticker design.