These all black and white pages are always tough to do for me, but there is something very satisfying about them. It might have been interesting to do the whole book this way – there are certainly some artists who do so. But I tend to like what the extra gray tones bring to the whole.

The book has been sent to the printer in order to get a review copy. I should have it in a couple weeks. I hope by then to have also launched the IndieGoGo campaign. I just need to make my video and secure one or two more details.

TGT Media reviewed the full book and posted it last Friday. You can read it here.

I’m already working on my next project. I can’t say much about it yet, other than give you a couple little tidbits. One, the title is likely Pong the Mystic. Here’s some character designs for the main character and his sidekick I did some time ago. I’ll keep you posted as this develops. Thanks for reading!