THANK YOU so much for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.

If you liked the story, please consider buying a book and supporting my work. The book includes LOTS of extras, including:

  • The 19-page prologue that tells the full story of The Lonely Ones. It’s in prose format with special illustrations.
  • The whole Rock & Tin story in full-bleed format.
  • A 14-page “Behind the Page” section that explains how the story was made and includes lots of development art.
  • TWO bonus stories. “The Messenger,” a 20-page story of a robot on a mission, and “Green,” an 8-page tale of hope.
  • The complete graphic novel is 180 pages in standard comic book size format.

Aside from the graphic novel, there are a few other extras available:

  • The variant cover version of the book with a full color cover by my friend Denver Brubaker.
  • The 5-issue floppy comic version of the full story.
  • A couple of prints and other miscellaneous goodies.

You can find all of this at my store right here.

I am back to work on my original comic, Marooned. I would love it if you continued to enjoy my stories. You can connect with me in these ways:

Again, thank you so much for reading, and stay in touch!