Poor Levo – he might be the only one who ever escaped the Dark Constructs!

Work is progressing well on the final pages. I have completed up through page 93 (today’s update is page 81), and I have 12 more pages to do to finish the story. After that, I have a couple illustrations to finish up the bonus content for the book.

As I mentioned last week, please help me spread the word about Rock and Tin if you can. Readership is lower than I had hoped, which is going to make it hard to produce the book. Thanks for any help you can give!

The best way for a comic to gain new readers is word of mouth – friends telling friends. Here’s what you can do to help Peto and the MechMagus get to be in print:

– Email or text your friends. Tell them you think they’d enjoy Rock & Tin at www.RockAndTin.com
– Have a blog? Talk about Rock & Tin.
– KNOW someone who has a blog that writes about art/entertainment? Ask them to write about R&T or interview me.
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VOTE for R&T at Top Webcomics – you can do this each time you visit, and it really helps drive new people here.

The hardest thing for a comic to do is to get OUTSIDE it’s small circle of fans. Only YOU can help me do that! If you’re like me, and you feel like Rock and Tin is a story worth telling and reading, please do what you can to help me out.

It’s a LOT of work to present this comic, and to give it away for free. I really appreciate any help you can give in return. THANK YOU!