Today is the OFFICIAL launch of a new way for me to provide more cool content for you, and for you to support me if you like my work. This one minute video explains it:

Just as important as adding extra content and supporting me is keeping this site clean of ads. Many webcomic artists lean on ads to provide some sort of income to offset the time and expense we spend to post these comics for free online. But ads are ugly! They slow down the site, and many people use AdBlock anyway – circumventing the opportunity anyway. I want to keep this site clean and fun!

If you like what I do, it doesn’t take much to support me. No more than the cost of a snack – but more if you want the cooler stuff! I’ve already posted 5 or 6 things on the site – behind the scenes stuff, script work, process stuff, designs, sketches. There’s LOTS more to come, and I’ll be sharing a lot about this world that Peto and Mechmagus live in, too.

(I’m going to try and put the banner below the comic navigation if I can – I’m working on that.)

Just for joining, you’ll get that hi-res digital file of Captain Lian Fisher from Marooned!


There’s a small group of supporters already there waiting for you! Please head on over to my Patreon page and have a look. The first post is free (the design of Peto!) so you can have a look at that. And as always, thank you for reading!