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As page production is going well (I nearly finished another page last night), it’s definitely time to start thinking about planning the Kickstarter campaign to print the book.

If you have any ideas about extras that could be offered, I’d love to hear them. For those of you who were not part of the Marooned campaign, here’s a few examples that were offered:

– Signed/Numbered bookplate in front of book (I plan on doing this already)
– Sketch on bookplate
– Custom Giclee print on archival paper
– Patch (for Marooned it was John’s arm patch. For R&T, it could be Nimrod Mining Co. It could be Nanoganics.)
– I let people name their own ships and had them listed in the book. Would be neat to do something like that for this book, but I am not sure what. Maybe a robot name/designation with your role in the mining operation?

Feel free to post ideas here or fill out the contact form which will get sent directly to me. Thanks!